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Dear Sir/Madam,

  I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr.Caleb,my former student. I have known Mr. Caleb for more than 6 years since his freshman year at "University of Minnesota". At that time, he took the course-- "Mathematical Analysis," which I taught mainly for junior students majoring in Mathematics. To my surprise, I found he was among the few students in his class who could keep up with the pace of my lectures. Moreover, he often posed thought-provoking questions during the course. Thus it was natural that I liked discussing with this young man and became familiar with him. The more I knew him, the more I found he was talented at mathematics. As you can see, he got excellent scores on the course. In fact, he ranked No. 1 on this 270 hours course in the talented student class which has 34 intelligent others.

  With his outstanding talent and solid mathematical background, he also did quite well in most other courses during his undergraduate study. By the way, you may wonder why his undergraduate scores look not so good compared to other Chinese applicants. It is easy to explain, because he belonged to the talented student class, which were required to endure harder test papers and stricter grading than most other college students did at least at "University of Minnesota".

  He even served as Prof. Linda 's Research Assistant for one year. No one could deny his commitment to his job. As a matter of fact, Prof. Linda's electronic lab happened to be neighboring my office and I could always see him working in the lab, either repairing the instruments or helping Prof. Linda collect lab reports. Maybe one more example will demonstrate his commitment more clearly. Once he suggested compiling a FORTRAN program to solve a complicated circuit problem in his class. In order to do that, he had to do a lot of computer work. However, because there were few computers available in our computer lab, he had to wake up at 5 a.m. in winter (please note: "Twin city" is a downtown near the north border of China, so it is pretty cold in winter and the heating system is not working very well.) to ensure the 1st position of the long waiting line for his classmates and himself! At last he and his classmates finished the program successfully with his great efforts.

  As to his personality, I would like to say Mr. Caleb is a warm-hearted, honest and upright student. He was always ready to help others. During my lectures, many students got confused at some points and I could always see Mr. Caleb help them explain during breaks. In the meanwhile, I must admit that Mr. Caleb was a bit impatient sometimes.

  Finally, I would like to conclude my recommendation as follows: frankly, Mr. Caleb is not a genius, but I promise his great intelligence, commitment to work and his kind nature will impress you deeply. Thus I recommend him without reservation for his admission and financial aid to your program. Please feel free to contact me if needed.

  Sincerely Yours,


我写这封推荐信为Mr.Caleb ,我以前的学生。我已经超过6年,因为他的新生年在“美国明尼苏达大学的”已知迦勒先生。当时,他就把课程 - “数学分析, ”我教的主要是大三的学生,主修数学。令我吃惊的是,我发现他是在几个班上的同学能跟上我的讲座的步伐。此外,他经常提出令人深思的问题的过程中。因此,这是很自然的,我喜欢与这个年轻人,并与他渐渐熟悉。我知道他,我发现他在数学才华。正如你可以看到,他在球场上取得了优异的成绩。事实上,他排在第1 ,这270小时课程的有才华的学生类,其中有34个智能他人。
凭借他出众的才华和扎实的数学背景,他也做的相当不错,在他的本科学习其他课程。顺便说一下,你可能会觉得奇怪,为什么看起来不那么好他的本科分数线相比其他中国申请人。这是很容易解释,因为他属于有才华的学生类,而须忍受困难的试卷和严格的等级比其他大多数的大学生至少在“美国明尼苏达大学” 。
他甚至担任教授琳达的研究助理,为期一年。没有人能否认他的承诺,他的工作。事实上,琳达教授的电子实验室发生邻国我的办公室,我总能看到他在实验室里工作,无论是修复工具或协助教授琳达收集实验报告。一个例子也许会更清晰地展示他的承诺。有一次,他建议编译FORTRAN程序来解决复杂的电路问题,在他的课。为了做到这一点,他曾经做了很多计算机的工作。但是,因为有几台电脑,可在我们的计算机实验室,他不得不早上5点醒来,冬季(请注意: “双子城”是一个位于市中心的北部边境附近的中国,所以它是在冬季相当寒冷和加热系统不工作得非常好。 ),以确保第一的位置,为自己和他的同学们在漫长的等待线!最后,他和他的同学们成功地完成了计划的巨大努力。