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The criteria used to assess the Internet Marketing Portfolio Report will be:
Description of chosen organisation (30%)
Use of academic concepts and theories (30%)
Quality of reflection, interpretation and evaluation (30%) 
Structure and clarity of presentation (10%)
Marking Criteria
Description of chosen organisation (30%)
Justification for selection of organisation
Breadth and depth of information on organisation’s Internet marketing activities
Use of supporting materials
Additional Marking Notes:
There are two likely / expected approaches to this assessment which may be taken by the student. The first is a general ‘overview’ of strategy assessment following the core structure of the text and the seminar process. The second approach is likely to involve a level of concentration or focus on a particular area of the unit or Internet strategy in which case there will need to be justification for the chosen organisation and the topic area of choice so that the marker is able to understand and choices made and the student is able to ‘sit’ the chosen area within the broader strategic framework presented by the unit. Either approach is equally valid, however, concentrating on one particular area will require the student to present and analyse at a more detailed level in these circumstances.
Questions that may assist when judging the submitted piece of work:
Are any reasons presented for this choice of company?
• Market leader 
• Market follower
• New player
Has there been good use of secondary sources over and above the main organisation’s website?
• Mintel Reports
• Financial Reports
• Periodicals
• Other Websites (competitors / Internet News / BBC)
• Etc
Does the report show a clear understanding of the organisation itself, it’s Internet activities, the market in which it operates?
• The student should know more about the company than the marker?
Poor answers will be largely descriptive, restating corporate marketing literature with little insight
Mid range answers will set the scene but lack either a rational structure or be limited in scope in terms of secondary sources.
Good Answers will display a range of the above points demonstrating a true understanding of the organisation and the issues it is facing in the market.
Use of academic concepts and theories (30%)
The extent to which academic materials have been incorporated
Depth of reading and application
Relevance of the content
Additional Marketing Notes:
The Unit has covered many different models, so in many cases it is unlikely that all will be presented. With this in mind however, it is likely, due to the nature of the unit and the attention they were given that certain key models are likely to be incorporated. It is also possible (and encouraging) that other strategic models may be used that have been introduced by other units on the student’s degree programmes. This section is looking for a clear theoretical underpinning that enables the student to interpret and evaluate as objectively as they can, the chosen organisation’s activities.
There should be reference to journals articles such as Payne & Frow and specific passages from the core text (Chaffey et al). The student may well make reference to other textbooks and authors in this field, such as Rayport & Jaworski, O’Connor, Turban, Rowley, Chaffey & Others.
Although this is a reasonably ‘hands on’ assessment, academic theory should not be ignored. To rely solely on the core text and lecture slides is really insufficient for all but the lowest range of marks.
Given the word limit, large descriptive passages about a particular model should be left to the appendices, if included at all. Discussion or debate and argument surrounding the choice of a model and its ease of application however is welcomed as it demonstrates what, why, & how a model or framework was implemented.
Quality of reflection, interpretation and evaluation (30%)
Logical reasoning, analysis and debate
Quality and depth of appraisal and interpretation of both the Internet marketing activities and academic materials 
Additional Marketing Notes:
Moving forward through the assessment the student will have to bring together both the academic, objective observation and application of their chosen methods in order to determine where the organisation is, what it is doing and what it’s strategies ‘appear’ to be. From this position the student will be in a position to suggest / recommend logical and achievable (SMART) strategies.
It is highly likely that some will suggest a total change in direction and design, others may suggest complimentary services or products to expand / extend the brand into different but related markets. Some may suggest that the organisation should not change anything and keep moving in the way they have already done whilst others may suggest complete withdrawal.
There is no right answer. The important thing to judge is how the answer was arrived at with clear thought processes, structure, and synthesis of both the underpinning theory and its practical application. Excellent answers will also demonstrate an appreciation for the less ‘fun’ elements of the unit such as the Financial position of the organisation to implement such strategies, the effects of and on of Human Capital in the organisation, the Technical Architecture that underpins such changes in direction linking other units as well as resources and capabilities of the organisation.
A clear understanding (and in some cases a definition) or ‘short’ and ‘medium term’ will also be useful.
Structure and clarity of presentation (10%)
The logic and rationale for the adopted structure 
The clarity of the points made 
Correct use of Harvard referencing style
Additional Marking Notes:
This is a portfolio report and a marketing assessment so, the way in which the document is presented (marketed) is important. Is there a clear structure, with pages numbered and contents pages etc.? Is there good use of pagination and white space? There should be careful but full use of diagrams and screen shots used in explanation and assessment of activities.
There should be no doubt in the readers mind, where they are in the document, what the organisation does and importantly what their website (assuming one is chosen) looks like.
Due to the nature of the report, and the amount of information that is likely to come from the Internet, the use of Harvard APA at this level of study is vital.
•其他网站(竞争者/互联网新闻/ BBC)