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Personal Statement

  Program Applied: Computer Science

  Epicurus once said, “The joy of poverty is the most beautiful thing in the world.” This has become a source of constant inspiration for me. Poverty is very real to me, so is the joy that is derived from my being able to devote myself to the study and the research of computer science.

  My father passed away when I was just 14 and, with this, my family was plunged into sudden poverty. In order to save money to allow my younger sister continue her education, I relinquished my expensive undergraduate education and chose to attend a junior college instead, majoring in computer application. For three years, I made extra academic efforts as I had to work part-time to alleviate my family’s financial burden. My GPA was ranked top five in my class, with particularly distinguished performance in mathematics. I was the sole junior college student who participated in the national contest in mathematical modeling for university students in 1996 and won the third prize in XX Province. Upon my graduation, I found employment with the Fuel Company of XX Province where I worked as its network engineer and chief manager. What was good about this job was that while it provided me with a stable income it allowed me to receive an on-the-job undergraduate education in computer science so that I ultimately fulfilled my aspiration of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

  However, the Bachelor’s degree did not put an end to my academic pursuit. Realizing the importance and the necessity to constantly upgrade my professional knowledge in this age of rapid development in information technology, I found a graduate education in computer science would be vital for my further academic and career development. With due efforts in preparing for the entrance examination, I succeeded in enrolling in University of XX where I specialized in Computer Science and Application at the Faculty of Computer Science. Through my undergraduate and graduate programs, I have achieved the top third rankings in my overall GPA, laying a solid academic foundation through impressive performance in such core courses as Advanced Computer Network, Internet Technology, Multimedia Network Communication, Computer Science’s Logic, Advanced Computer System Infrastructure, and Computer Network Infrastructure. This academic foundation makes possible my determination to become a computer specialist in my future career.

  While making conscious efforts in my coursework, I have paid even greater attention to the improvement of my R & D ability. In the WLAN project for the XX Mansion, I collected extensive technical materials and made in-depth study of the WLAN technology. I independently designed the project plan that satisfied the particular needs of the client. In view of the inherent insecurity of WLAN, I proposed the security solution application to small-size business patterns. When evaluating the project, the relevant experts gave positive comments on my plan design, rating it as “technologically advanced, with reliable performance, and can provide guidance to the R & D work in relevant fields, and applicable to similar projects.”

  In another two projects—the development of the Computer Information Management System for both the Dean’s Office and for School of Further Education of University of XX, I conducted comprehensive research concerning network security technology, in particular the firewall technology. By undertaking extensive testing against the Ddos attacks, I gathered a large amount of first-hand data. Based on my experiences in those two projects, I have published four research papers, including The Standards of Firewall Procurement and the Prospect of Firewall Technology, in the national core journals and university journals like Computer Application Research. All of them have been well received.

  Over the past few years, as a key project member, I have participated in, organized and implemented a total of 12 projects which involve financial software, MIS, network management system, e-commerce, industrial control and other fields. I have published a total of 10 research papers in a series of technical journals and my research achievements have captured the attention of the computer experts from the XX provincial academia. Last year I was invited to attend the 2002 International Symposium on Picture and Graphics inXX City.

  Currently, I have come to the final stage of my Master’s dissertation entitled Research on the WLAN Security Solution and its Realization. In this dissertation, I focus on the security mechanisms of WLAN, proposing that VPN as a security solution can only be an alternative and that only the application of the true “point-to-point” mechanism can maximize network security at reasonable costs. My dissertation has an overall theoretical framework, supplemented by detailed plans and designs. In my repeated discussions with my supervisor concerning my dissertation, he has given his full support of my propositions. He has given special praises on my ideas regarding the renovation and development of the existing computer technology.

  While perfecting my ability to carry out independent R & D projects, my past research experience has also enabled me to ferret out my own research interests for the future—Wireless Networking and Network Security. WLAN is one of the most important issues in the theoretical research and technical development of present-day computer science and its security mechanism is the key point. I have 4-year work experience as a network engineer and taught six courses on network and Internet technology. In my Master’s program I have concentrated on computer network and distributive system and my dissertation is on WLAN and its security mechanism. For each of those two concentrations, I have participated in two research projects, thus I have adequate practical experience. In my 10 research papers, 6 are concerned with those two major fields, which fully testify to my theoretical buildup and my important research potential. All those constitute my important assets for more advanced academic pursuit, in which I expect to exploit them to the fullest possible extent.

  I wish to apply for a Ph. D. program in computer science from your esteemed university because your program satisfies my wish for a full development of my research interests. My past education and research experience has fully convinced me that, as home of the world’s modern computer science and technology, the United States is the ideal country that offers the advanced education and training that I am seeking. There, I will be exposed to the instructions of world famous scholars and experts whose academic ideas will significantly broaden my academic horizon. Equally important is that I can enjoy an inexhaustible variety of library resource. In conclusion, I deem myself fully qualified and well prepared for your Ph. D. program and it is my belief that your university is precisely the starting point of my new and rewarding academic journey.


伊壁鸠鲁曾经说过, “欢乐的贫困是在世界上最美丽的东西。 ”这已成为一个为我源源不断的灵感来源。贫困对我来说是非常真实的,是喜悦,是来自我能够投入自己的研究和计算机科学的研究。
我的父亲去世时,我只有14 ,有了这个,我的家人陷入突如其来的贫困。为了节省钱,让我妹妹继续她的教育,我放弃了我的昂贵的本科教育,并选择参加大专,主修计算机应用。三年来,我做了额外的学术努力,因为我有兼职,以减轻我的家庭财务负担。我的GPA成绩排名在班上前五名,在数学上的表现特别杰出。我是唯一的大专学生参加1996年大学生数学建模,并在全国大赛中荣获三等奖XX省。我毕业后,我找到了工作与XX省燃料公司,我在那儿当网络工程师和首席经理。什么是好这项工作,而它给我提供了一个稳定的收入,它让我接受在职本科计算机科学教育,使我最终实现了我的愿望,获得计算机科学学士学位。
虽然在我的课程中有意识的努力,我也更加注重自己的研发能力的提高。我在XX大厦的WLAN项目,收集了大量的技术资料和WLAN技术的深入研究。本人独立设计的项目计划,满足客户的特殊需求。鉴于所固有的不安全的无线局域网中,我提出安全解决方案应用到小尺寸的业务模式。评估项目时,有关专家给予积极评价了我的计划,设计,评价其为“技术先进,性能可靠,能够提供指导的在相关领域的研发工作,适用于类似的项目。 ”
在另外两个项目为院长办公室, XX大学的继续教育学院计算机信息管理系统的发展,我进行了全面研究有关的网络安全技术,特别是防火墙技术。通过对DDoS攻击进行了广泛的测试,我收集了大量的第一手资料。根据我的经验,在这两个项目中,我已经发表了四份研究论文,在国家核心期刊和大学等期刊计算机应用研究,包括防火墙技术防火墙的采购标准与展望。所有的人都受到好评。
目前,我已经到了最后阶段,我的硕士论文题为“研究的WLAN安全解决方案及其实现。在这篇论文中,我专注于无线局域网的安全机制,提出的VPN安全解决方案只能是一种替代,只有真正的“点 - 点”机制的应用,可以最大限度地提高网络的安全性,在合理的成本。我的博士论文有一个整体的理论框架,并辅以详细的规划和设计。在我的反复讨论关于我的论文我的上司,他给他的全力支持我的主张。他对我的想法对现有的计算机技术的改造和发展给予了特别的赞誉。
完善自己的能力独立开展R & D项目的同时,我过去研究的经验,也使我揪出我自己的研究为未来的无线网络和网络安全的利益。 WLAN是当今计算机科学与安全机制是关键点在理论研究和技术开发的最重要的问题之一。我有4年的工作经验,担任网络工程师,网络和互联网技术教六门课程。我已经在我的硕士课程集中在计算机网络和分布式系统,我的博士论文是在WLAN和安全机制。对于这两个浓度,我已经参加了两个研究项目,所以我有足够的实践经验。在我的10篇研究论文,关注这两大领域,这充分证明了我的理论建设和重要的研究潜力。所有这些构成了我的重要资产,更先进的学术追求,我希望最大限度地利用它们。