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Program: Nutrition

  “Is nucleic acid a nutrient?” This was the topic for a biochemistry group discussion two years ago. Though even now I do not know the exact answer to this question, it triggered my interest in nutrition. By consulting relevant technical literature, I come to realize that nutrition plays an important role in strengthening people’s physique, enhancing their immunological functions, and reinforcing health. This realization has changed my view that medical means and therapeutic measures are the fundamental alternative in the treatment of all diseases. When I used my basic knowledge in nutrition to give treatment to my grandpa suffering from the diabetes II through a controlled diet, I managed to maintain a stable level of his blood sugar. This indicates that a scientific diet and a proper composition of nutritional ingredients can effectively control the occurrence and development of many chronic diseases, hence my increased interest in the science of nutrition.

  The outbreak of SARS in the first half of this year has given us an essential warning, that is, human health is the result of extended efforts, including the efforts designed to fight off various infectious and epidemic diseases, and prevention is the best approach to a sound physical condition. Obviously, nutrition plays a vital role in enhancing the immunity of the human body and promoting human health. But what makes me worried is that, at present, the importance of nutrition as a scientific discipline has not come to the serious attention of the medical profession and the general public in China. The general public simply follows its conventional diet habits, without sufficient scientific guidelines. Therefore, the study of nutrition becomes one of the most effective ways to improve human health and the quality of life.

  This has led me to develop a serious interest in nutrition and it now appears that this interest is becoming a major career objective. For this reason, I am anxious to undertake a Master’s program in Nutrition Science at your esteemed university. I believe that I have a sincere motivation for an advanced program in Nutrition Science and I have an important foundation for such a program—my solid knowledge in biology and chemistry, and important potential for carrying out academic research. Those factors will ensure my successful completion of my proposed program and achievement of important research results in a subject I am so strongly interested in.

  When, more than three years ago, I was admitted into XX (arguably one of the top-ranking universities in China) with the privilege of being waived of the otherwise requisite entrance examination (a special honor for senior middle school graduates with exceedingly outstanding academic performance), I opted for the specialty of bioengineering at the Life Science and Technology School as the subject could provide me with unique opportunities to probe into the mysteries of human life. My systematic education in this subject has allowed me to receive comprehensive academic training across a diversity of fields including biochemistry, microbiology, and cell biology and I have been able to achieve very satisfactory scores in all of them.

  Both nutrition science and biological science are closely connected with human health. When I attended the course microbiology, it was the time when SARS broke out in XX. The role of microbiology in understanding the mechanism of how infectious and epidemic diseases spread and in preventing such diseases aroused my deep interest in it. On the other hand, cell biology unravels the mechanism of various activities of life and the pathogenesis of various diseases. It provides the most fundamental knowledge for biology and relevant sciences. My knowledge from those two courses will serve as an important theoretical foundation for my future study of nutrition science.

  The commitment to public welfare is an essential quality for those dedicated to a lifelong career related to human health. As a would-be public health professional, I have made conscious efforts to cultivate such a quality. I am the publicity director of our institute’s Red Cross, responsible for organizing a series of campus events including the publicity of the World Health Day, the large-scale name-signing campaign to fight against AIDS on the World AIDS Day, and elementary training in first aid. In addition, I have participated in an ecological survey organized by our Institute to protect the suburban environment of XX. In undertaking those activities, I have extended my specialized knowledge and helping hand to others. Meanwhile, I have reinforced my determination to help people combat various diseases and live a healthy life.

  At present, the nutritional conditions of Chinese citizens are far from being satisfactory. Malnutrition is rather common; people either display insufficient nutrition or overtake of certain nutrients. In rural areas, regions of poor economic conditions and ethnic minorities, the diseases resulting from insufficient nutrition are widespread. By contrast, urban citizens tend to show surplus nutrition, resulting in the development of chronic diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The rate for the occurrence of the malignant tumor is also on the rise.

  Although to promote human health and to ward off diseases have been the primary objective behind the biomedical research, I understand that a lot of the research programs in the field of biology are still confined to laboratory experiments and there is a long way to go before the research findings can be commercially applied. My motivation in seeking an advanced degree program in nutrition is that I wish to learn some immediate and practical knowledge that can be applied to the solution of such practical problems of strengthening our physique, preventing diseases and improving our health conditions through a scientific makeup of our daily diet.

  Despite the fact that in present-day China nutrition science has not captured sufficient concern that it deserves and the general public’s understanding of it is rather limited, it is bound to make extensive development as people become more and more concerned with improving the quality of their life. As one of a few prestigious universities in the world that offer advanced degree programs in nutrition science, your university boasts of admirable teaching and research achievements, with a strong faculty and state-of-art research facilities. An education from such a university will definitely endow me with the most updated theories and practical experiences in nutrition science.

  SARS is now kept at bay, but we are given many important questions to ponder over, one of which is “how can we improve our disease-fighting ability in our daily life?” I hope that, if SARS comes again, we can use many useful measures to counter this lethal disease, including effective new drugs, advanced therapies, a more optimistic attitude, and a more united will. But, on top of that, I hope there is a general improvement in the physical conditions of the Chinese people as a whole.


“核酸营养物质? ”生物化学组讨论的主题是在两年前。虽然即使是现在我不知道确切的回答这个问题,它引发了我的兴趣在营养。通过咨询相关的技术文献,我逐渐认识到,营养起着重要的作用,在增强人民体质,提高免疫功能,并加强健康。认识到这一点已经改变了我的看法,医疗手段和治疗措施是治疗所有疾病的根本替代。当我用我的基本的营养知识,给我爷爷患有糖尿病II通过控制饮食治疗,我设法保持一个稳定的水平,他的血糖。这表明,科学的饮食和适当的营养成分组成的发生和发展能有效地控制许多慢性疾病,因此,我在营养科学的兴趣增加。
时,超过三年前,我被录取到XX (可以说是在中国排名靠前的大学之一)其他必要的高考(一种特殊的荣誉极其优秀学术高中毕业生获豁免的特权性能) ,我选择了在生命科学与技术学院生物工程专业为主题,可以为我提供了独特的机会来探讨人类生命的奥秘。我这个学科的系统的教育,让我跨越各种不同的领域,包括生物化学,微生物学,细胞生物学,并获得全面的学术训练,我已经能够实现在所有的人都非常满意的分数。
营养科学和生物科学与人类健康紧密相连。当我参加了微生物当然,这是SARS爆发的时候,在XX 。微生物的作用,在理解的传染性和流行性疾病的传播机理和预防此类疾病引起我浓厚的兴趣。另一方面,细胞生物学揭开生活的各种活动和各种疾病的发病机制的机制。它提供了最基础的知识,生物学及相关科学。我的知识,对这两门课程将作为一个重要的理论基础,为我今后的学习营养科学。
公益的承诺是必备的素质,对于那些致力于关系到人体健康的终身职业。作为一个公共卫生专业,我已经有意识地努力培养这样的质量。我我们研究所的红十字,负责组织一系列校园事件,包括世界卫生日的宣传宣传总监的大型名签名运动争取抗击艾滋病在世界艾滋病日,和初级培训中急救。此外,我还参加了由我院主办的生态调查,保护郊区环境XX 。在开展这些活动,我已经延长了我的专业知识和伸出援助之手,给他人。同时,我也更坚定了我的决心,以帮助人们对付各种疾病和健康的生活。
SARS是现在保持在海湾,但我们给出了很多重要的问题需要思考,其中之一是“我们怎样才能提高我们战胜疾病的能力,在我们的日常生活? ”我希望,如果SARS再来,我们可以使用许多有用的措施来对付这种致命的疾病,包括有效的新药物,疗法先进,更加乐观的态度,和更团结的意志。但是,最重要的是,我希望是作为一个整体的中国人的身体条件普遍改善。