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  Ever since childhood I have enjoyed working with my hands. Whether as an eight year- old gluing together a model car or an adolescent assembling a bookshelf in woodworking class, I thrived on the challenges of precise and meticulous tasks. Throughout high school I have been intrigued by the sciences, but it was not until I read about late-breaking discoveries and research in the field of genetics that my interests in science intensified. When I entered the University of British Columbia (UBC), I naturally chose to specialize in Cell Biology and Genetics.

  In my sophomore year at UBC, I first began to seriously consider dentistry as a career. At that time, I began to appreciate the important role that dentistry played in my life. Four years earlier, I began an orthodontic treatment program with Dr. Junni Wang to correct a severe crowding problem with my teeth. Both before and during the treatment, I was a most reluctant participant; not many teenagers look forward to braces filling their mouth during their last two years of high school, and I was no different.

  However, at every monthly check-up for three-and-a-half years the office staff had nothing but kind words of encouragement and optimism. Now after the completion of the treatment I had reason to smile. Dr. Wang helped turn me from a shy adolescent who feared smiling into a confident, outgoing young man. His skills not only brought back my smile, but also my sense of confidence in all aspects of my life. Whereas once I feared drawing attention to myself and thus shied away from leadership posts and debates, now I am a completely different person. Hoping to feel as satisfied and gratified as Dr. Wang must have felt in improving not only my smile but my entire way of life, I look forward to improving the oral health of patients on a daily basis and participating in dentistry’ s friendly, team-oriented work environment.

  After this preliminary ‘ patient-doctor’ exposure to dentistry, I substantially increased my involvement in the field to determine if dentistry really was for me. My participation with the UBC Pre-Dental Society allowed me to communicate with various professionals in the field. I also investigated opportunities to volunteer in the University Dental Clinic or participate in research work. After speaking to a couple of professors in the UBC Faculty of Dentistry asking them about research opportunities, I found a topic that interested me. Dr. Putnins, of the Division of Periodontics, offered me a position in his lab to conduct a semi-quantitative analysis to determine the levels of endotoxin in dental unit water lines.

  After taking many water samples from the University Dental Clinic and quantifying the amounts of endotoxin (lipopolysaccahride) in those samples with an Limulus Abeocyte Lysate test, I prepared to publish dentistry’ s first account of this type of experiment. I conducted the study over a 16-week span (Jan.-Apr.‘ 98), and the research work counted as 3.0 credits towards my undergraduate degree. Because the vast majority of my work was self-directed, I submitted my findings for evaluation by the faculty in a 32-page report with 46 references, and I also defended my methods before a panel of professors. Impressed by the findings and results, Dr. Putnins will use my study as a key component of a journal article he is currently preparing for the Journal of Dental Research (JDR). The school also submitted an abstract of my findings for presentation at the upcoming 77th General Session of the International Association of Dental Research (IDAR) to be held at Vancouver, Canada. I am keenly looking forward to this unique opportunity to have my work appear before distinguished members of the dental research community. My positive research experience definitely helped reinforce my goal of becoming a dentist.

  In addition, my employment as a Canada Customs Inspector has helped me improve my level of social awareness and helped me develop qualities I can usefully apply to dentistry. As a Customs Inspector, I had the opportunity to communicate effectively with many different types of people in various situations. I have also developed the ability to resolve conflicts, defuse difficult situations, and show empathy even during cases of enforcement. In addition, my experience with team sports has provided me with leadership skills that can not be taught in any textbook. As the captain of my hockey team and the coach of a children’ s team, I have developed excellent communication skills and the ability to identify and work effectively with kids. All of these qualities will prove very important to my future career in dentistry.

  Attracted by the dental profession’ s ability to positively impact people’ s lives, just like my orthodontist, and by the profession’ s financially rewarding and stable lifestyle, I look forward to one day opening my own practice and becoming a well-respected member of both the community of dentists and the community of patients. While my GPA may not be as high as some applicants’ , my academic record shows a consistent positive. I know I have the intelligence, ability, and determination to achieve success in dentistry; I only need the opportunity. My dental research experience combined with my academic background, personal qualities, and leadership abilities makes me well suited to accept the challenges in the field of dentistry. I look forward to an interview and the chance to discuss my qualifications in person.





  自从小时候,我与我的手. 无论是作为一名8岁胶合在一起模型车组装书架或青少年在木工班, 我的热血挑战精密细致的工作. 整个高中我一直迷上了科学、 但直到我读到算不上发现和遗传学领域的研究,我国利益 科技加剧. 当我进入英属哥伦比亚大学(扫描),我自然选择了专门从事细胞生物学和遗传学.

  在灵光乍现于UBC,我开始认真考虑牙医生涯. 那时,我开始明白,牙医扮演的重要角色,在我的一生. 四年前 我开始了矫正治疗计划与柳王博士纠正了严重拥挤问题,与我的牙齿. 在治疗前后,我是最不愿意参加; 多少年没有吃饱嘴梏期待在最后两年高中 我并没有什么不同.

  但是,在每每月检查总结三年了半办公室职员无非客气地鼓舞和乐观. 治疗完成后,现在我也有理由微笑. 王医师帮谁把我从一个害羞的少女变成一个自信的微笑恐怕即将离任的小伙子. 他不仅带回了我的微笑技巧,而且我国在各方面的信任感我的一生. 而一旦我恐怕注意自己,从而避开领导职位和辩论, 现在我是一个完全不同的人. 感到满意和欣慰,希望能为王博士作为改善不仅要有感觉,但我的微笑 我整个生活方式, 我期待着改善病人的口腔健康,每天参加牙的友好 团队导向的工作环境.

  在完成初步的医生与病人接触牙科 我大大提高我国在这一领域的参与,以决定是否对我真牙. 我参与的扫描,预先让我牙齿社会各方面的专业人士沟通. 我还调查义工的机会,在大学牙科诊所或参与研究工作. 经过数语的扫描牙医学院教授询问研究机会, 我发现我比较感兴趣的话题. putnins博士、牙周病的分工, 我在他的实验室提供了阵地进行半定量分析,以确定毒素水平牙科 股水线路.

  水样后,采取了许多从大学牙科诊所和量化金额毒素的样品(lipopolysaccahride) abeocyte裂解试验的鲎,我准备出版一到牙科收盘这类实验. 我进行了这项研究为期16周的时间(1至4月. 98), 和研究工作,对我算作3.0学分学士学位. 因为我的工作是绝大多数自导、 评价结果呈交由教师一本32页的报告46篇、 我和我的方法之前,也捍卫了一个小组的教授. 印象深刻的结果和成果, putnins博士将用自己的学习为重点内容的文章JOURNAL他正在筹备 JOURNAL牙科研究所(jdr). 学校还提交了一个抽象的结果,对我国在即将颁奖的第77届国际大 牙科研究协会(idar)将于加拿大温哥华举行. 我深切期待这个难得的机会已经出现在我的工作成绩卓越的牙齿 研究界. 我国积极研究经验,绝对有助我的目标成为一名牙医.

  此外, 我国就业列为加拿大海关督察使我认识和完善我国的社会发展帮忙 我可以向牙医素质有益. 作为海关督察,我有机会与许多不同种类的有效沟通人们各种情况. 我也有了能力解决冲突、化解困难的情况,并表示即使在移情案件执法. 此外, 以我的经验向我体育团队领导技巧,不能在任何教科书教导. 随着我国曲棍球队队长和教练的少儿队 我有很好的沟通技巧和开发能力的鉴定工作,并有效地与孩子. 所有这些素质将证明我的前途非常重要牙医.

  吸引牙科专业的能力产生积极影响人们的生活,就像我的正畸, 而由专业的、稳定的财政奖励生活方式 我期待着有一天开自己的实践,成为一个受人尊敬的社区成员 牙医和病人的社区. 虽然我国产业未必高达申请人,我国学术纪录一贯积极. 我知道我的智力、能力和决心办好牙; 我只需要机会. 我国牙科研究经验结合我国学术背景,个人素质, 和领导能力令我非常适合接受牙科领域挑战. 我期待着有机会和采访谈自己学历的人.